Hydrostatic pressure test

Hydrostatic pressure test


Hydrostatic pressure testing is one of the most commonly used types of non-destructive testing, which is carried out in order to check the strength and density of pipes and pressure equipment. According to the practice adopted in most countries, all pipes are subjected to hydrotesting.

Hydrotesting is a necessary procedure testifying to the reliability of pipes as elements of pipelines operating under pressure during their entire service life; which is extremely important, given the serious danger to the life and health of people, as well as the man-made danger in the event of malfunctions and accidents.

NPP UKRTRUBOIZOL conducts hydraulic testing of large diameter pipes in accordance with DSTU GOST 3845: 2019 (GOST 3845-2017, IDT) “Metal pipes. Testing methods by hydrostatic pressure” with the issuance of the corresponding certified test report.


Pipe diameter – 530–1420 mm. (20’’–56’’)

Pipe length – 6-12.5 mm.

Pipe wall thickness – до 25 mm.

Test pressure– до 18.6 МPа.

The State Metrology Center conducted a complete metrological support of the process of hydraulic pipe testing. Based on the verification results, a certificate was obtained confirming that the equipment meets all the requirements for accuracy and methodology for conducting hydraulic pipe tests.