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Shrink materials

In 2013, the enterprise SPE “Ukrtruboizol” introduced the technology for the production of heat-shrink sleeves for welded pipe joints with a diameter of 114-1420 mm. As well as heat-shrinkable tape with a width of 110 mm to 450 mm. on pipes with a diameter of 32 to 1420 mm.

The thermoshrinkable cuff of production of SPE “Ukrtruboizol” is issued according to the technical specifications ТУ У 22.2 – 31017014-004: 2014 «Манжети модифіковані термоусадкові для антикорозійного захисту стиків трубопроводів МТУ 120»

A heat-shrink sleeve based on silanol-modified polyethylene provides reliable and long-term protection of welded pipe joints from corrosion by underground oil, gas, and water pipelines under conditions of corrosive soils, soils with stray currents, etc.

Production products are manufactured in three types:

1 . Heat-shrink sleeve with a two-layer protective coating,

2. Heat-shrink sleeve with a three-layer protective coating,

3. Shrink tape with a two-layer protective coating.

The basis of the shrink sleeve is a tape made of silanol-modified polyethylene. This type of polyethylene is also called chemically cross-linked polyethylene.

The most important advantage of silanol-modified polyethylene is its resistance to high temperature when mounting the cuff – up to 140 ° C with short-term peak exposure to a heat source. Thus, the stitched tape is not afraid of overheating during the installation of the cuff on the welded pipe joints.

The cuff supplied by the enterprise SPE “Ukrtruboizol” has the stability of the declared physical properties of all products, providing a high level of protection for welded pipe joints, as well as the main factory insulation.

The heat-shrink sleeve with double-layer insulation provides high adhesion, consists of a layer of cross-linked polyethylene tape and a layer of polymer adhesive.

The three-layer insulation cuff consists of a cross-linked polyethylene tape, a layer of polymer adhesive and a layer of epoxy primer. This type of cuff design provides additional corrosion protection and increased cathodic peeling resistance.

Properties and benefits of the thermoshrinkable cuff: