External polyurethane and epoxide coats

Polyurethane external anti-corrosion coating

Polyurethane external anti-corrosion coating

This pipe insulation is used for underground installation in soils with low and medium corrosiveness. It is used in pipelines for various agricultural water supply, irrigation systems, etc. .. It has proven itself in the isolation of pipelines in the marine environment. Our factory uses coating materials of the best world suppliers and applies insulation on modern technological equipment.

The popularity of polyurethane is due to its exceptional properties:

Due to the high adhesion to the pipe wall, which increases the service life, polyurethane insulation stands out among other coatings.

The advantage of polyurethane is its low hygroscopicity, which prevents the accumulation of moisture between the walls of the pipeline, which provides additional corrosion protection.

The material withstands temperatures ranging from -50 ° C to + 120 ° C and is used to insulate pipes with a diameter of 42 mm to 1720 mm.

Epoxy external anti-corrosion coating

Epoxy external anti-corrosion coating

Purpose and scope:

PURPOSE PURPOSE – protection of steel pipes and pipe structures against corrosion and mechanical damage.

FIELD OF APPLICATION – pipelines, piles, covers and cases for arranging crossings under roads and railways, pipelines with protective composite coatings.

COATING FEATURES – the presence of an additional protective epoxy coating, providing increased resistance to mechanical and natural influences, it is possible to apply a coating resistant to UV radiation.

Pipe diameter, mm 42-1720 mm.

Technical characteristics of the coating are regulated by the requirements of ND or customer requirements.


Properties and Benefits of Epoxy external anti-corrosion coating