Electric-welded longitudinal steel pipes with external anticorrosive and internal anticorrosive or smooth coatings for main gas and oil pipelines.

Production of longitudinal electric welded pipes

SPE “Ukrtruboizol” is constantly developing, improving the quality of its products and services, as well as expanding its technical and technological capabilities. Since November 2020, the enterprise has mastered the production of longitudinal steel pipes with a diameter of 426 – 1422 mm, with a wall thickness of 6 to 24 mm and a length of up to 12 m from steel of strength class up to K60.

The line from the production of steel pipes allows the production of pipe products from steel according to national and international standards.

The plant’s products are certified for compliance with its standards ГОСТ 20295-85, ГОСТ 10706-76, ГОСТ 10705-80, ГОСТ 10704-91 and the Technical Regulations for Pressure Equipment, ПКМУ №. 27 dated 01.16.2019.

The company operates an integrated Management System that meets the requirements of international standards ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018, which is confirmed by such a certification body as Bureau Veritas.

There are no analogues of this line for the production of welded pipes in Ukraine, since it is equipped with modern equipment for a full technological cycle of production of large-diameter pipes intended for main gas and oil pipelines, and includes the following components:

– Plasma cutting and edge mill, where processing is performed to the longitudinal edges of the sheet receiving and processing of predetermined width of the weld groove.

PHOTO: Plasma cutting and edge milling

JCO press for forming pipe billets. The total weight of JCO is over 300 tons. Forming is carried out in several passes until a predetermined cylindrical shape of the billet profile is reached. The formation process is controlled by a computer system.


– A preforming mill for bending flat sections of longitudinal edges of billets of electric-welded steel pipes in automatic mode by rolling the edges of a pipe billet between rollers of a bending machine.

PHOTO: Preforming mill

– Assembly and welding machine for assembling pipe billets and automatic welding of a continuous technological seam in a shielded gas environment.

PHOTO: Technological seam


– Mill of internal and external welding for welding of working seams by automatic multi-arc (two or three arcs) welding under a layer of flux.

PHOTO: Internal seam welded

PHOTO: Outer welding seam

– Hydromechanical expander. Now work is underway to install the expander. To meet the requirements of modern regulatory documents, electric-welded steel pipes are cold-calibrated. Calibration is carried out along the entire length of the pipe on a hydromechanical expander. Expansion takes into account the supply of the expander calibration tool inside the pipe for a certain length (step), the expansion (expansion) of this length section using the calibration tool, removal of the expansion force, as well as the supply of the tool to the next step. The expansion operation provides the following:

  1. Stabilization of the mechanical properties of the base metal of the pipe due to hardening mechanisms during the transition to the plastic deformation region.
  2. Giving a pipe billet to the required shape and dimensions (ovality, perimeter, deviation from the theoretical circumference, curvature, etc.).
  3. Additional quality control of welded pipe joints.

Hydraulic test

A hydraulic press is an internal hydraulic pressure test to test the strength and density of the base metal of pipes of electric welded and welded steel seams. Hydraulic test is a necessary procedure that demonstrates the reliability of pipes as elements of pipelines operating under pressure throughout their entire service life. This is extremely important, given the serious danger to human life and health, as well as man-made danger in the event of pipe failure and accidents.

Pipes that have expansion and hydrotesting are subjected to non-destructive testing.

Checking the base metal of the pipe ends for integrity along the entire perimeter of the pipe is carried out with modern ultrasonic testing devices.

With the introduction of a new line for the production of welded pipes by SPE Ukrtruboizol, the enterprise has become the largest producer of longitudinal electric-welded steel pipes in Ukraine with external anti-corrosion and internal anti-corrosion or smooth coatings for main gas and oil pipelines.