Scientific and production company UKRTRUBOIZOL is the company in Ukraine that develops and manufacture internal and external pipe coatings.
Coated pipes are used for gas, oil, and water pipelines.
Advanced manufacturing techniques allow UKRTRUBOIZOL Coating Systems to be customized to your specific project. The coatings can be applied to various pipe diameters from 37 to 1420 mm in a wide range of coating’s thicknesses (up to 10 mm and more) to meet unique project specifications and performance requirements and provide a high level of mechanical protection across many diverse environments without additional costs.

Quality System Compliant to ISO 9001:2008.

Warehouse steel pipes NPP “Ukrtruboizol”

Restoration of steel pipes, which were in operation

Submission steel pipe shot blasting machine for cleaning

Purified in shot blasting machine pipe diam.1020 mm

Application of insulation coating

Cooling tubes coated

Line the inner pipe insulation diam.89-1420 mm

Tube with internal epoxy insulation

Restored pipe Ø 1,420 mm polyurethane with external and internal epoxy insulation

Warehouse insulated pipes

Technical specifications on coated pipes from Ukrtruboizol had been approved by Ukrainian gas and oil Company (Naftogas of Ukraine) and by State labor safety department (Gosnadzorohrantruda); this specification provides the base for design and construction of new oil & gas pipelines in Ukraine.
Tests of coating shown its conformity to the requirements of ukrainian DSTU 4219 “Steel pipelines. General requirements to corrosion protection”, GOST 9.602-89 “Underground facilities. General requirements to corrosion protection” and  GOST 25812-83 “Steel pipelines. General requirements to corrosion protection”.
Besides, coating satisfies the requirements of DIN 30670 “PE coatings” and
GOST R 51164-98 “Steel pipelines. General requirements to corrosion protection”.

“Ukrtruboizol” has been awarded the following quality certificates:

  1. Certificate of conformity UA 1.090.01355-01, issued by the Center of construction materials and structures;
  2. Certificate of conformity UA 1.048.0009412-01, issued by the Center of oil and gas facilities inspection;
  3. Authorization 394.01.30-45.32.0 for highly specialized works issued by the State labor safety administration of Ukraine (Gosnadzorohrantruda);
  4. UTI coating is quoted as permissible in the state civil construction code of Ukraine (DBN B.2.5-20-2001), and many other.
Since the beginning of 90-s the 2- and 3-layer anticorrosion coating on pipes by industrial polyethylene or polypropylene extrusion has begun a high priority in world practice.

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