This Anti-corrosion Epoxy Coating is a plant applied thick epoxy layer on pipe’s internal surface for internal corrosion protection, reducing friction costs and compression costs.
UKRTRUBOIZOL’s Anti-corrosion epoxy coating protects oil and water pipelines from internal corrosion while operation, storage and transportation.
Additionally, UKRTRUBOIZOL’s Anti-corrosion coating makes a “glass-like” smooth and clean internal surface of the pipe that results in a friction and turbulence reduction, flow efficiency increasing.
          Properties and Benefits:
  1. It is used for pipelines: oil, water (potable, technical, sea), aviation fuel, etc.
  2. Excellent long term pipeline’s internal corrosion protection while operation, storage and transportation.
  3. Operating temperature range from – 40°C to + 120°C.
  4. Can be applied on pipes from 89 mm to 1020 mm in diameter.
  5. Recommended thicknesses 300 – 350 microns and it may vary (100 to 1000 microns) to meet unique project specifications and performance requirements.
  6. Allows to increase pipeline’s throughput and decrease operational and construction costs.
  7. Coating has great field bending characteristics maintaining its properties.
  8. It meets the requirements of Ukrainian and Russian State standards and other.
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